Project Overview

The task was to develop a comprehensive educational platform that addresses the needs of existing, seasonal, and new experts by focusing on job training, career development, retention, and hiring.
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My role:
Strategic planning
User interviews        
Competitive and Comparative analysis
UX and UI Design
Usability tests
Presentations for stakeholders

When I joined the Intuit Academy team, we were starting from scratch. We had to come up with a name and decide where we wanted to go. Our research showed us many opportunities for growth. Initially, we were supposed to create access to the platform for Intuit's internal users only, with plans to open it to the public two years later. However, after some analyses, discussions with stakeholders, and internal technical constraints, the requirements changed. We had to deliver the Intuit Academy with access for both internal and external users in a much shorter timeline—just 6 months.
Problem statement
Create a powerful educational platform for tax experts and bookkeeping job-seekers to gain the skills and unlock the opportunities to become Intuit's domain experts

User goals
• Career growth and job opportunities within the Intuit ecosystem
• Flexibility and personalized learning experience
• Preparation for the new role before the season starts
Business goals
• Prepare existing and seasonal experts for the new season in advance
• Open access to the Tax and Bookkeeping programs for people outside of Intuit
• Building a recruiting funnel for hiring experts developed on the Academy platform and connecting them with recruiters.
• Database for personalized experience (managing user profiles, tracking course progress, course recommendations, tracking of training assignments by managers, badges and certifications tracking);
•  Integration with third-party learning management systems (Coursera, Docebo);
• Integration with experts' primary tool (Intuit expert platform (IEP)) is limited, impacting access to the courses and training from home.

How might we  keep users engaged with the platform and motivated to learn, finish the courses and pass the exam?
• We incorporated gamification elements such as badges, and progress tracking to make learning more interactive and rewarding.

How might we organize educational content in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate?
• Use clear categorization, filters, and search functionality to help users find the content they need.

How might we provide timely feedback, assessments, user support and facilitate collaboration among users to help users track their progress, improve their learning outcomes and have a positive user experience?
• Offer various support channels such as chatbots, FAQs, and user forums (Intuit Expert Community) to address user queries and issues effectively.
• Create a sandbox environment in IEP (Intuit Expert Platform). It's a standalone Intuit's platform where users can experiment, learn, and apply everything they're learning.

How might we provide users access to educational content on their mobile devices?
Ensure that the platform is optimized for mobile use, with responsive design and a mobile-friendly interface.

How might we insure data privacy and security?
• Implement robust data encryption, authentication, and access control measures to protect user information (One Intuit Login)

Intuit Academy Home page
Tax Certification
Bookkeeping certification

Exceeding expectations, we successfully enrolled 2240 unique accounts by the end of FY2022, surpassing our goal of 1000. This achievement reflects our team's dedication, strategic planning, and the compelling value proposition of our offerings.
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