Hi, I am Julia Larina!
I am a UX & UI designer who is curious and likes to dig into design challenges with a human-centric approach. I sharpened my skills as a UX/UI designer for over 10 years in the Web and Mobile industry. My desire to create more meaningful solutions for people led me into Product Design. I am passionate about impacting people’s lives and strive to know as much as I can about the people I am designing for, to make the decisions based on their needs. 

When I am not creating solutions, you can find me walking around with the camera or working on my photography business. I have various hobbies, including cooking (I am a kimchi and cured/smoked meat enthusiast) and food photography, ice skating classes for adults, yoga, and gardening. I enjoy listening to audiobooks during my morning run. I also love to spend time with my family and friends outdoors, together we discover new hiking trails and travel destinations inside of the US and worldwide! 

I am currently looking for a Principal Product Designer position in the Washington D.C. area or remote.
About 5 years ago I discovered a passion for accessibility. And while I was working at Intuit I participated in Intuit’s Accessibility Champion program. This program enables everyone to become a champion and a roadmap for people to become leaders. This was created to celebrate people making contributions towards accessibility. It highlights people via employee profile badges, congratulatory spotlights, and notifications to managers about their commitment. The program emphasizes customer empathy, disability etiquette, and accessible product design and development. There are three badges total, and I was one of 45 people who earned the first two badges.

Badges for Level 1 and Level 2 Champion
Becoming a Level 2 Champion shows my dedication towards accessibility and gives me the resources to make significant improvements to our customers’ experience. I am ready to build accessible products and give advice to fellow developers, designers, and managers. This also includes a wider spectrum of empathy as I experienced how my work makes an impact on people’s lives.
As Accessibility Champions I have found new leadership and personal development growth opportunities.
Thank you!
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