Project Overview
For 3 years I worked on shaping the Intuit Expert Portal (IEP) with a team of interaction designers and researchers. We designed multiple features for an existing virtual platform, that our experts used as their primary working tool. We focused on the web version, even though we did a bunch of provocations for mobile, and always were designing with responsive design in mind.  I worked to improve the usability, navigation, and overall design of the existing interface through extensive user testing and research, trying to consolidate the whole expert workflow in one working tool. 
My role
Visual design
Interaction design
Usability tests
Design system
Within the Virtual Expert Platform (VEP) team at Intuit, I was one of the main Visual Product designers on the E2E expert experience. At the center of the experience is the Intuit Expert Portal (IEP) - the tool that Intuit Live agents leverage to serve customers.
Primary problem statement
I am an Intuit live services expert and I am trying to deliver the best possible service to my customers but I am unable to because my current toolset is scattered across multiple windows and programs, spreadsheets which makes me feel overwhelmed and inefficient.
Secondary problem statement
I am an Intuit live services expert who works in multiple domains and I am trying to deliver the best possible service to my customers but the current experience is scattered and lacks consistency which makes me feel like I need to just stay in one domain.
It is really hard to choose one project for the use case because it includes so many capabilities and features.  My contribution was in identifying opportunities to enhance the existing product and adding new features. IEP is a dashboard of widgets. Here is a list of some of the widgets that I was working on: “Chat”, “Contact us”, “Projects and tasks”, "Engagement list", "Engagement tracker" “Launchpad”, “Help”, “Video conference”, “Transcripts”, “Managers Launchpad”, "Document upload", "Expert scheduling", "Workforce onboarding", "Digital assistant", "One Intuit Payment System" and many more other experiences, including information architecture of the tool.

I managed and prioritized a workload of multiple work streams from concept to completion, participated in the research, interviews, usability tests, and research synthesis, aligned designs with design system principles, and contributed new components to the design system.
The challenges that we were facing:
1) How might we help tax and bookkeeping experts prioritize their work, so they know what to work on next?
2) How can we minimize the time our experts spend organizing (downloading, confirming, renaming) clients' documents and focus more time on doing the job and providing high-quality service?
3) How might we find ways to make huge data tables more user-friendly, flexible, and accessible?
I was one of the designers who worked on the new chat experience from the very beginning. 
Historically as Intuit as a company was growing, acquiring new businesses, developing new products, the numbers of third party chats that we were using were growing too. Turbo Tax, QB, Mint, Credit karma, Mail Chimp all our products were using different chat systems. At some point we end up having too many different chat systems, and it become obvious that we need to do something with them in order to provide seamless experience to our customers, improve maintenance, reduce expenses and introduce the AI.
Document upload
To minimize the time our experts spend organizing clients' documents, we started thinking and researching on how can we can build  a streamlined document management system. The system that would automate the process of downloading, confirming, and renaming documents, allowing our experts to focus more time on their core tasks and providing high-quality service to our clients. By leveraging technology to handle these administrative tasks, our experts can dedicate their expertise and attention to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients.
The Intuit Expert Scheduling platform manages the seasonal and contract workforce of tax experts and accountants who support TurboTax Live and QuickBooks Live. It features a dashboard of widgets, including new hire forms, shift scheduling, notifications, appointment handling for QuickBooks clients, and more.
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